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Well, this is embarrassing

After studying Greek for a week, I realized I just wasn’t enjoying myself. The writing was tripping me up because of all the letters that look like English letters but sound different, and th… Source: Well, this is embarrassing

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Prepositions and propositions I can’t get used to

Yes, the title sentence of this blog ends in a preposition. I imagine some readers are wincing, but I grew up after this usage had become commonplace, so (to paraphrase Winston Churchill) ending a sentence in a preposition is a … Continue reading

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Getting “affect” and “effect” out of the way

I once had a part-time gig taking dictation for a lawyer who prided himself on his spelling and had no faith in anyone else’s. When he spoke into his dictaphone, he made sure to overenunciate commonly confused words – aaah-ffect, … Continue reading

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