Without further adieu

Well, it’s time to call in the euthanasia team and put this baby out of its misery. Not all projects are meant to last and last, and there’s something to be said for knowing when to fold. When I first cracked open this E.G.G., I envisioned starting a community of like-minded grammar and style geeks, ardently debating commas, copulas and dangling clauses.

While many people have told me how much they enjoy the blog (and every bit of positive feedback was appreciated), it hasn’t engendered the kind of response and dialogue I Goodbye #1envisioned. My daughter says it’s because it talks down to people, rather than inviting them in. She may be right. Or not. One of my favourite books, Eats, Shoots & Leaves (the subject of my fifth post), talks down to readers for 200 pages and yet managed to sell several million copies in a bunch of editions, including one for children. Focused on commas, no less. I’m hard-pressed to figure out how “avoid using a comma before a restrictive clause” would keep a third-grader turning the pages by flashlight, but whatever.

Truth is, nobody knows why some projects grow sea legs and others don’t. If we had that kind of crystal ball, we’d all know what to call the next Huffington Post and when to sell it for upwards of $300 million.

In any case, it’s been a slice. I’ve enjoyed the process and the feedback I received. While my audience remained small, it was a kick knowing that people from as far as Brazil and Australia read my posts. I can only imagine how successful bloggers like that adorable Hyperbole and a Half writer must feel.

I’ll probably invite you to have a look at my next blog project, whenever and whatever that is. (I have some ideas, and rest assured they have nothing to do with grammar.)

Without further adieu (to borrow a charming malapropism I encountered in the aforementioned Huff Post), I shall now take my leave. So long, farewell, adios muchachos y muchachas, over and out.


I know this is an orange, not an egg, but I like it…..

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2 Responses to Without further adieu

  1. Drew says:

    Fun while it lasted…on to the next project…

  2. Micki says:

    I agree with Drew and you. It’s hard to write into the “ether” without response (I have a blog too!) about stuff you care about, and not get feedback. I read all your posts and enjoyed them… just didn’t have much to add. Looking forward to the next version Gabrielle!

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