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Prepositions and propositions I can’t get used to

Yes, the title sentence of this blog ends in a preposition. I imagine some readers are wincing, but I grew up after this usage had become commonplace, so (to paraphrase Winston Churchill) ending a sentence in a preposition is a … Continue reading

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Montreal musings and the winds of change

I spent last weekend in Montreal, where I had to attend and report on a medical meeting. It had been 17 years since I’d last set foot in the city where I grew up. Strolling along my old stomping grounds … Continue reading

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Maybe it IS rocket science

In my last blog I decried the general confusion surrounding affect vs. effect, claiming that it’s not rocket science so there’s no excuse not to get it right. But I’m starting to think I was a little hasty in making … Continue reading

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Getting “affect” and “effect” out of the way

I once had a part-time gig taking dictation for a lawyer who prided himself on his spelling and had no faith in anyone else’s. When he spoke into his dictaphone, he made sure to overenunciate commonly confused words – aaah-ffect, … Continue reading

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K.I.S.S. Part 2

While web-surfing the other day I came upon the following illustration of puffed-up language, credited to Sir Humphrey Appleby, a fictional character in the old British television series Yes, Minister. “Sometimes one is forced to consider the possibility that affairs … Continue reading

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