The rhyme and the reason

I’ve launched this blog to reach out to other people who are passionate about the English language and its rampant misuses.  My ultimate aim is to create a global village of like-minded English grammar geeks who will change the world, one preposition at a time.

Grammar police

Grammar police (Photo credit: the_munificent_sasquatch)

I’m less concerned with grammatical pedantry – that is, a rigid adherence to dusty old rules – than with the function of good grammar and style in communicating ideas. Which is not to say I have no interest in rules. As long as they make sense, rules rule.

One may ask: How can misuse of language compare to the problems besetting our species and our earth – the faltering economies, floods, famines, oil spills, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria? I submit that it can and does. Aside from the obvious point that imprecise communication could lead the order-followers to flip the switch to “on” rather than “off,” bad language decivilizes us. Who is to say that our egregious health and financial habits aren’t somehow connected to our abysmal (collectively speaking; present company hopefully excepted) use of language? And who knows what we might achieve in the arts and sciences if we paid greater attention to the words we fling around so cavalierly?

I’ll be ranting about misuses of the English language in both speech and print. I invite you to join the dialogue in a spirit of discussion, debate and respectful dissent.

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2 Responses to The rhyme and the reason

  1. Leslie C. Smith says:

    A very entertaining blog, so I’ve signed up for it. Keep ’em coming.
    Just FYI, there’s a typo in the Hey, Teach! addendum — “intended” is missing its final “e.”
    Cheers, Leslie Smith

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