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Ever heard of the book On Writing Well, by William Zinsser? Subtitled “the classic guide to writing nonfiction,” the book has sold over a million copies and gone through 30 editions in its 36 years of life. Zinsser’s schtick boils down … Continue reading

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Quebec vs. Ontario showdown

A few dates into my relationship with my now-husband, we were chatting in his car and he finished a thought with “If I hadda known.” Say what? “If I hadda known,” he repeated. Insufferable language snob that I am, I … Continue reading

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It’s in the genes

I once read that about 20 percent of people are “grammar sensitive,” meaning that poor grammar activates an almost allergic response in such people. While the average Joe either shrugs off or fails to notice grammatical glitches, we grammar-sensitive types … Continue reading

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Like nails on a chalkboard, part 1

There’s no shortage of English language abuses, so I plan to make this topic a recurring theme. I’ll start with a few utterances that hurt my ears as much as rock music seemed to hurt my grandmother’s. “How can people … Continue reading

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My Truss-ted guide

Lynne Truss achieved the impossible: a bestselling book on punctuation. Nobody was more surprised by the success of her 2003 book Eats, Shoots & Leaves than Truss herself, who had hoped the slim volume would appeal to “the minority of … Continue reading

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The rhyme and the reason

I’ve launched this blog to reach out to other people who are passionate about the English language and its rampant misuses.  My ultimate aim is to create a global village of like-minded English grammar geeks who will change the world, … Continue reading

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